Monday Maker Spotlight - Golden Luxe Jewels

We are so excited to be introducing to you a new small business owner this Monday! Today, we have Daisy who is the owner of Golden Luxe Jewels. Daisy's business launched just this year in February. She launched her business at the Soco Market in Cotati and it's been so nice seeing her business go from ONE table with no canopy to an entire luxurious atmosphere with a branded canopy, peg boards, and a huge set up. 

I truly hope that with these new installations on our blog, we can bring some joy to the small business community and make their day with our purchases. As a small business owner myself, I can 100% attest to the fact that we do a happy dance every time we get an order.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about the background of your business
- Hi! My name is Daisy, 26 year old Latina, and I am owner of Golden Luxe Jewels! We sell gold plated and filled jewelry!

How did you come up with your business name? Is there a special meaning
- GoldenLuxe came from us exclusively selling gold, and Luxe because that’s how we want you to feel when you shop with us and as you’re wearing your jewels!

How did you initially get involved with this specific craft?
- I have always been very into fashion, as I got older I loved wearing gold  jewelry to elevate my looks. Real gold jewelry is very expensive, and I didn’t  want to spend thousands of dollars on trendy gold pieces I would eventually  stop wearing. We all know gold jewelry at fast fashion stores turns green in  about two wears, plus all the tones are different. I was so frustrated  because I knew there had to be a middle ground. I did some research and  learned about gold plated and gold filled jewelry. That’s where the idea for  GoldenLuxe came to mind!

What inspired you to start your business?
- I come from a family of very hard working immigrants, everyone in my  family owns businesses, and I have my bachelors in business. I do believe  you need a certain entrepreneur mindset for business and growing up I  always knew I’d run my own, but there was nothing I felt super passionate  about until GoldenLuxe!

Do you have a favorite product that you enjoy making/supplying the most?
My favorite product to supply are necklaces. I love supplying them because they are so fun to layer and it’s always the #1 thing customers ask me to help them with. I love helping customers choose their pieces because I learn a lot about them in the process, we all different personal styles and I try to make sure we have a variety of pieces to choose from so everyone can express themselves with pieces they truly love!

What are your biggest inspirations for your work?
- Aesthetics, quality, uniqueness. I want people to feel SO good and special  in our pieces! 

How would you describe your aesthetic, and how did you work to develop your style?
- Chic, Luxe, Beautiful! Branding for GoldenLuxe is definitely inspired off my  personal style and brand, neutrals with pops of gold! 

What does a typical workday look like for you?
- A typical workday for me is waking up and religiously doing my morning routine which is: hitting the gym, going home, showering, writing down my goals for the day, writing down my goals for the month, writing 10 things I am grateful for, reading 10 pages of my current book, and having breakfast. My morning routine always puts me in the best productive and creative mood. Then work looks like: answering loads of emails, planning and prepping for pop-ups, planning travel details for pop ups, checking and counting inventory, planning feed content, taking pictures, planning reels, looking for new inventory, always (and thankfully) packaging orders, working on creative products for my brand, working on updating products we may already have, replying to DM’s, messaging and calls with different vendors who are helping me with custom products, and other creative projects I plan on starting! I know owning a small business doesn’t look as time consuming as it may be, but believe me I am working all day and most nights. Even when I’m out, I am always updating my socials and looking for inspiration! I wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD. It has been the most rewarding and fulfilling job of my life!

Can you describe your workspace? How have you designed it and how does it help in your craft?
- Most of my work is online, so in that regard I can work from anywhere. The physical part of inventory and pop up items,I have in my garage and my room. My room is my sanctuary and I’m always so happy in there, thankfully that helps me stay inspired and creative. It’s all white and everything is neutral with pops of pampas grass and bits of greenery.

What is the biggest challenge you've faced as a maker and/or small business owner? What did you learn from it?
- The biggest challenge I’ve faced was making the decision to leave my 9-5 job. At the time I was working for an amazing company. GoldenLuxe was taking off and requiring more and more from me. I wanted to give it all the time it deserved. I began only sleeping 3 hours a night, working 7 days a week, trying to balance it all. I started to see weight gain, constant emotional and mental breakdowns, I was breaking out in hives from all the stress, and my family started to truly worry. I am a hard worker and I thought I could make everyone happy, but I was making myself miserable. Financially it made sense to leave my 9-5. Regardless making that decision was so scary, but it’s been the best thing I could have done for myself.  I have more time to focus on the things I want to focus on, future projects and businesses, and bigger goals in my life. I have truly never felt happier or more fulfilled as I do now. 

What are some of your other hobbies or interests?
- Spending time with my all loved ones, traveling and exploring, fashion, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, making new friends, hitting the gym, being in nature!

What does being a maker/business owner mean to you?
- Being a business owner to me has so many meanings. I am fulfilling one of my life long dreams. I am in control of my time. I get to be as creative as I’d like. I get to grow this business as big as I want. I have full responsibility of everything. I get to build relationships with tons of people I wouldn’t have before. Being a business owner is my favorite thing!

What do you feel is the most fulfilling part of being a maker and small business owner? 
- Having full autonomy of your time, being as creative as you want, making friends with other business owners, the community, the customers, but most of all knowing sky is the limit and that the beautiful possibilities are ENDLESS. 

What advice would you give other makers looking to turn their passion into a business?
- If you have the calling to start a business, it was placed in your heart and mind for a reason. Please listen to it and START. There are so many people who are willing to help you and want to see you succeed! There is room for everyone!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Daisy, and the passion behind GoldenLuxe Jewelry! Be sure to follow along with them on Instagram at @shopgoldenluxe and shop her collections over on her website!

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